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Freshman English Essential Questions
1. What does it mean to be a good inference maker?
2. How is literature a reflection of life?
3. How are characters a reflection of human beings?
4. What makes a strong analysis paragraph?
5. What are the skills and strategies necessary for active reading and analysis (non-fiction and fiction)?

Freshman English Units of Study
Short Story

  • “The Dinner Party”
  • “Powder”
  • “The Circuit”
  • “Farewell to Violet”
  • “Rough Touch”
  • “Lamb to the Slaughter”
  • Antigone
  • Romeo and Juliet
Poetry / Novel - Literature Circles
  • Shakespeare’s “Sonnet 18”
  • various other poetry selections (TBD)
  • The Interrogation of Gabriel James
  • Diamonds in the Shadow
Vocabulary – Powerplus Book G
  • Lessons 1 – 6: Freshman English
  • Lessons 7 – 12: Sophomore English
Non-Fiction Reading:
  • active reading
  • multiple-choice questions
  • strategies for answering multiple-choice questions
All units align with goals on Pages 2 -3, and include:
  • active reading
  • vocabulary
  • writing – especially with a focus on paragraph writing and journaling
  • graded class discussion
  • Standard English editing and revising
  • group work
  • technology assignments, projects, and research
  • quizzes / tests
Freshman English: Junior Portfolio Preparation
*In this class, you will complete various assignments that may be used for your Junior Portfolio Exhibition, a graduation requirement at the high school.
  • In this class, you will have several opportunities to discuss your work – in reflection and in oral presentation – both required for Junior Portfolio.
*It will be your responsibility to hold onto assignments and Morgan rubrics, and eventually file them in your advisory bin.