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Please complete the following pre-reading activities for "The Circuit."

1. Watch the book-trailer for "The Circuit."
After watching, write down two ideas that you think are central to this story.

2. Vocabulary
Please go to http://www.merriam-webster.com/ and find an understandable definition for each word below.



What is a migrant worker then?



3. Use any of the websites below to find an answer to the following question:




- List five difficulties migrant workers and their family members face.

4. Active reading and setting visual.
A. ACTIVELY read the opening paragraphs of the story. You should have detailed notes on:

character - name, personality, physical appearance, age, job
setting - W W M
narrator - who's telling the story?
title - what do you think the story title implies/suggests/brings to mind?

B. DRAW the setting - Be sure to include:

- at least 10 details about setting and character.
- at least 10 words or phrases from quotations in the story.
- color and neatness - GRADE 9 WORK!
- mood word at the top of the drawing.
- MLA heading